5 Awesome Tips to Consider Before Buying a Play Kitchen

If you have a kid, you know how much they love cooking and serving mini meals in their play kitchen. A play kitchen is one thing your child will remember for years to come. I bet you still remember your first one. Right? Yes, and you should buy a best play kitchen for your child.

It should not be bulky and fill up their playroom, you still want some space for them to enjoy other games as well. An ideal piece should be compact to allow your little genius use their witty imagination and cook up some meals for you or their friends during play dates.

The play kitchens have evolved and they are not just the tiny pieces they were a few years ago. Some of them are masterpieces that can be custom made to your child’s liking. I am sure your child wants to mimic what their parents do each night. So, similar features in their own kitchen are also included in their play kitchen. Some have equipment such as cooker, ice cream maker, laundry station, dishwasher, microwave, toaster and a microwave.

Parents should not worry that they will break the bank with these play kitchens. Having a small budget and they want to put a smile on your kid’s face is the goal here. As they engage in their kitchen, they can also pick up a passion for cooking from their play kitchen. Choosing a best play kitchen can be grueling, I know because I am a parent and went through some tough process myself some time ago. I can share some pointers though, to save you the hustle.

Here are some of the best features you need to consider before making that big purchase:

  1. Size of the Play Kitchen

I know sometimes, the bigger the better, but you need to consider the size of your little one’s playroom area. You do not want to cover up all the leg room in their bedroom. It is piece your kid will enjoy for years to come and they need to enjoy it as it accommodates their imaginative needs. All the parts should be accessible and within reach. The kitchen comes with all the accessories in mini size and will not occupy much space anyway since they are placed on top of the kitchen tops and the cute little cupboards allow your kid pick up some organizational skills, by neatly placing the utensils in order.

  1. Material Used

So many parents are concerned about the welfare of their young ones, and would not want to leave them in a room with a toy that makes cause harm to them in any way. Some may stay away from plastics for reasons we all know why. The eco-friendly and non-toxic stuff. This is very vital since your kids will play with these toys daily.

A good choice can be wood, soft wood, just in case of any accidents, much damage is not caused. The wood play kitchen is considered the Rolls Royce of Play Kitchens. Wood can be a bit costly but it is worth the price tag. If it wood you opt for, then go for nice wood, not the cheap eyesores that we have seen in some of our kid’s friends houses…Anything for your child right?

  1. Cost

We all want to save money at the end of the day. Remember this is not the only toy your child will own. Though it will be a centerpiece. Most of these pieces can be viewed online or your local stores. A proper research on a preferred model may land you a discount or even a sale with the invention of new models. Best time to buy is when there are special holidays coming around or when a store wants to clear its old stock.

  1. Design of the Play Kitchen

Looking like it belongs to the Royal Family, an ideal play kitchen should look elegant. We do not want eyesores! You want your kid to be the most popular when it comes to design. Some extra designs such as floral designs or little animal imprints such as ladybugs, giraffe, cartoon figures; may go a long way in impressing your child and their playmates. Can a younger you imagine having your favorite cartoon as part of your Play Kitchen. Is it frozen or Moana?

  1. Assembly

Who wants a complex play kitchen that will take them centuries reading through the manuals trying to assemble? Which sometimes are in some mambo jumbo language from God knows where?

No one right? The reason why some parents keep away from these Play Kitchens is assembly, especially the female parents. We know how frustrating it can be trying to assemble any gadget.

Why stress over a play kitchen. If I can take five hours trying to assemble, why not build my own? Manufacturers have gone a long way in trying to make a pick and go play kitchen, the only thing you need is to just carry it and place in your kid’s favorite spot.


A play kitchen is one of the most memorable toys your kid will cherish for a long time. They not only encourage communication, creativity, language but also self-esteem. They feel unstoppable and able to achieve anything. Plus it is a onetime investment, they hardly break and can be passed on from one kid to another.

A best play kitchen is considered the OG of toys, the mac daddy of play kitchens. I loved the kitchen concept, what about a kid? Guess I am a kid at heart! There is something whimsical about these beautiful pieces right? Can you imagine a crimson red one or an elegant white one? The Kardashian type of kitchen I tell you.

Do not deny your kid the luxury of owning one, almost every household has one. So many adorable memories will be made with these play kitchens, full of love for years to come. I have seen play kitchens that are cuter than my kitchen. Click here to get a best play kitchen now. Happy shopping!


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