Changing a Diaper in Public

Once motherhood kicks, a lot of the things that look or feel weird become common. Before, you would prefer your comfort or your appearance to others over looking messy. But now, your baby’s comfort means so much more.

It’s especially daunting for new mothers to know when or how to attend to the baby. Here are questions and answers to changing your baby’s diaper in public.


How do I ensure my baby stays dry and clean?

If your baby is under three months, you probably haven’t mastered his pooping or peeing intervals; this means you need to check the baby just before you step out of the house and after every forty minutes to one hour.

The period may vary depending on the feeding intervals of your baby, assuming he feeds well; a good diaper should last three to four hours until the next change unless the baby poops.

Look out for signs of discomfort; the baby could express discomfort by being fussy.


How many diapers should I carry?

This is a tricky question to answer because different mothers have different changing patterns. Some mothers will only change the baby’s diaper if he poops or is completely soiled. Some change after a certain interval whether it’s soiled or not.

Most baby diapers have the capacity to hold waste for three to four hours so you can consider an average of four to five diapers per day but watch out for the baby’s signs of discomfort.

Another consideration is the type of diapers you are using. I am assuming that you are using disposable diapers.


How do I change the baby when the time comes?

First, these are the items you need, ensure they are in your diaper bag before you set out.

  • The diaper
  • A changing pad
  • Wipes – preferably wet wipes
  • Baby cream
  • Water – to wash your hands (you can also use gloves)
  • Clothes to change – in case of any leakage


Here are the basic steps:

In case you have never changed a diaper before, this is all you need to know.

  1. Find a secluded place – don’t be carefree about the other people as much as they may seem to understand or not to care. Just respect them and get some privacy.
  2. Wash your hands or wear gloves
  3. Spread the changing pad, preferably on a flat surface
  4. Lay the baby down and undress him (bottom only), carefully remove the diaper and wrap it – diapers have wrapping straps; dispose in a designated place, if there’s none, carry the soiled diaper in a Ziploc bag to dispose later. DO NOT leave it un-attended.
  5. Wipe the baby with wet wipes, you can use warm water and a wet towel if you have no wipes.
  6. Dry him up and apply cream on the whole diaper area and strap the clean diaper
  7. Dress him up; if the clothes are still clean, you can re-use or change. That depends on you.


Where do I change the baby?

This depends, if you are in a hotel, most hotels have Koala stations in the restroom; they are normally fixed on the wall and labeled. If not, here are other alternatives:

  • If you are taking walk, use your stroller
  • You can use the backseat of the car
  • You can use your lap
  • If on picnic or a place the ground can work, you can spread your changing pad on the ground.


In conclusion, you need not keep the baby uncomfortable. Even if you are flying, squeeze in the restroom and change him. Let your baby enjoy the outing too.

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