Flower Tattoos is a Popular Choice

What makes flowers a popular choice for tattoo among people all over the world? Why every other tattoo that we come across is one or the other flower? Not only the women but men are also fond of them. Their eye-catching appearance isn’t the sole reason why they get inked on thousands of bodies every day. It is in fact the deep symbolic meanings associated with them, which may vary in different cultures and societies. Flowers are a source of inspiration for some while others may call it a symbol of hope. They are preferred over diamonds, restful to look at and constant friends in both joy and sorrow. Their versatility has kept them alive in the tattoo world for so many years.

We have attempted to gather the traditional meaning behind most commonly used flowers in the tattoo art as well as the popular and artistic ways to get them designed on your body.  Before we dive into revealing these connotations, it is to be noted that the meaning may differ entirely from culture to culture. It is always better to have proper knowledge before you get something permanently inked to your body.

Lotus tattoos:

This incredibly popular tattoo has its roots deep down in Buddhism and other religions including Hinduism. Its meaning depends on its stunning beauty, various colors and forms as well as the patterns in which it grows. It is a sign of enlightenment, knowledge and wisdom in Hinduism whereas in Buddhism all its colors depict different meanings. White lotus is a symbol of mental purity and also known as flower of Buddha. The red lotus represents love and compassion. Purple lotus symbolizes homage for Buddhist deities and the Pink lotus is linked to the history and tales of Buddha. As this flower rises in the morning, retreats down in the water when it is dark and blooms again the next morning, some consider it a sign of birth and rebirth.

Rose tattoos:

This is a staple of traditional American tattoo culture but is less common in eastern tattoo art. Rose is often associated with love and beauty but when pictured along with the thorns it signifies pain, loss and thoughtlessness.

Sunflower tattoos:

The eye-catching bright yellow color inspires many people to get them inked. It is believed that these flowers can bring good luck and new opportunities in your way.

Chrysanthemum tattoos:

Japanese are really fond of this tattoo and label it as a sign of royalty. In china it is often linked to Taoism and symbolizes perfection and simplicity.

Lilly tattoos:

This beautiful flower has variety of meanings one of the most popular one is from ancient Greece and Madonna lily. It represents the divine famine. Virtue, compassion and understandings are also linked to this flower.

Hibiscus tattoo:

In Japanese culture, it is called ‘Gentle’ whereas Hawaiian associate it with their kings and Queens.

Poppy tattoo:

These are often seen as bright red tattoos or sometimes as black. The poppy flower is distributed widely across the world but its meaning is similar in almost every place. It is related to life and death.

Cherry blossom tattoos:

The delicate beauty of this flower is depicted as empathy towards things. As its beauty doesn’t last for long and the petals are carried away by the wind, it is metaphorically linked to the subjects of life.

Dogwood flower tattoo:

They bear close resemblance in appearance with cherry blossom tattoo but their meaning varies in different religions. Most commonly accepted meaning is that it symbolizes undiminished love by adversity. In Christianity, according to some people dogwood flower use to be a tree and was chosen to crucify Jesus and was awarded by God later on as dogwood didn’t want this to happen.

Daisy floral tattoos:

This flower attracts the nature lovers mostly women. They mean innocence, purity and cheerfulness. They also symbolize mother love in some cases.

The nature has gifted us with a countless number of pretty flowers which makes our earth more beautiful. There is a never ending list of such jewels and the ways how people get them marked in artistic ways in a number of places. Here are few ideas that can help you with getting your favorite tattoo placed on a perfect place which suits you the most.

  • Arms and shoulders are most desirable for woman to get tattoos.
  • Some may cover the full back, such cover up tattoo’s look attractive.
  • Full sleeve tattoos are popular among both men and woman.
  • Grey and black ink is used to design simple and elegant flowers.
  • The flower tattoo sometimes accompanies Quotes and other desirable content.
  • Water color effects are also used.
  • Back of the neck and sometimes the lower back is the best chosen place for many girls.
  • Temporary tattoos are very suited for people who find it hard to make up their mind for a life time mark but are willing to go through this experience.
  • Creative ideas like bleeding effect and three dimensional portraits are becoming popular these days.


These reasons tempt many fashion lovers to adopt flower tattoos as their permanent form of makeup and become inspiration for many in the world of glamour. They look cool and suit with objects representing both femininity and masculinity.

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