Things that you should never miss in your best diaper bags for twins

When you are packing up things in a diaper bag, many times you miss out something, which is very important. This time you won’t as this write-up will provide you with tips on what to keep in your best diaper bags for twins in order to meet your baby’s needs.


Obviously, you cannot carry a diaper bag without a diaper. However, the question is how many diapers you should have as a backup. Well, it depends on the twins age and the time duration when you will be out with them. On a safer side, you must  at least carry four diapers in total (two for each kid).

Changing Pad

You must never forget to move out without a foldable changing bag. This is one thing that comes handy when you are changing their diapers and missing it could lead you to face some real embarrassing moments.

Diaper Rash Cream

You have diapers, changing pad, so what is next? Certainly, rash cream is one thing that you need if you care about the soft and smooth skin of your kids. Therefore, you must have one in any small pocket of the diaper bag.

Hand Sanitizer

You care about your kids, then you cannot ignore their hygiene. Sometimes these small things slip from our mind and leads to big issues like infection. You must always carry a hand sanitizer to ensure that your hands are free of germs when you are taking care of your babies.


Whatever you are planning to feed your kids, you need to carry a bottle of milk or a feeder. Since you have twins, so you must carry two separate ones.


Always be packed with bibs. This is something that makes sure, when you are feeding your kids, they have their dress dry, when things spill from their mouth. It even helps in keeping their shirts dry with endless drool spilling down their chins when they are teething. These days very comfortable bibs are available online, the ones with T-shirt necklines or hook-and-loop tape closures.

Teether or Pacifiers

When your kids’ teeth are coming out, they want a teether and even a few months old babies are fond of pacifiers. In case of twins, you need to have at least two extra pacifiers in the bag all the time. This way you will have a backup, if the one your kids are using drops down due to any reasons.

Extra Set of Clothes

Infants are the most unpredictable and you must never take a chance, when moving out with them. Make sure, you always carry two sets of extra clothes (one for each). This way you do not need to worry about the sanitation mess.


You never know when your twins get bored up and start their incessant wailing. Therefore, it is important for you to be packed with enough toys (in fact their favorite ones) to keep them occupied. You might even carry their favorite stuffed animal. Usually this kind of objects console your babies in trying situations.

These are a few of the things that are a must for you to carry in your diaper bags. However, there is one last thing without which your best diaper bags for twins is incomplete and this is none other than an identity card. You might be puzzled after hearing it. Nonetheless, if you really do not want any mishap end in a tragedy, then always keep an identification with phone number and address in any pocket of the bag.

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